"Not only was your program beneficial to our organization, but it provided me with inspiring knowledge and information allowing me to better help my family deal with the emotional transition of my father's Alzheimer's health situation.  This is a 'New Normal' for us.  My family and I thank you so very much!" Name confidentially held by request

"Your Magical ability to engage and interact with the participants was fantastic. The feedback and “Buzz” that the staff is sharing has been so positive." Nancy Sweazy, Director of Sales, Hampton Inn North, Rochester, NY

All successful new ventures and major change initiatives begin with POSSIBILITY THINKING. Vision is about possibility, not probability. Contact Bill to learn more about how this transitional thinking can successfully change your future.

It’s no longer just about managing projects and deadlines. You have to work through people, but MOST IMPORTANTLY you have to work WITH people. Bill can help you turn management into leadership.

You've heard, "It'll be better when life gets back to normal." Well, this is the New Normal. Don't just deal with it. Change it! Begin the transition with the New Normal half day Keynote Address and Workshop combination.

You've achieved an effective VISION when you can see, feel and anticipate every move you're going to make, as if it's already happening.

Imagine how powerful your team would be if everyone was inspired with the same vision. Bill's tips and techniques can help you get your entire team on the same page.

DID YOU KNOW... That every day a business closes it's doors, because management failed to inspire a clear vision within their team? Call Bill to learn more about leadership and avoid becoming a negative statistic on the nightly news.

For a person to embrace an idea, the individual has to identify with its benefits. To accomplish that, the leader needs to articulate the value proposition very well. Bill helps uncover those skills you've always had and can still use today.

"Thank you for your program at our Staff Appreciation Day. The way you incorporated what we do everyday was not only appropriate, but extremely genuine." T. Michael, Manager, Mary Cariola Children's Center, Rochester, NY

“Your presentation to our Association was a huge success. You did a superb job of customizing your presentation to fit with the experiences we deal with every day.” Patricia Anthony, President, Monroe County NY Town Clerks Association

The positive changes you sincerely commit to today, will begin impacting your life tomorrow. Why wait? Make tomorrow count. Don't waste it.

Imagine if your team member's skill sets, experience and knowledge were properly engaged with "the project" and they realized how valuable their contributions were? You can do this. Bill shows you how.

“The messages you shared on building true trust and developing a clear vision of our future were inspirational. Outstanding job!” Patricia Anthony, President, Monroe County NY Town Clerks

"Thank you for your incredible presentation at our Managers Event. Your creative approach and attention to detail made the event not only informative, but fun. It was perfect!" Lisa Stack-Lee, Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA

Imagine how effective your organization will become when all members see the vision and understand the social relevance and related benefits of the product/service the organization provides. Bill helps you refine this skill.

The first step for an effective leader is establishing Trust among the team at all levels. Let Bill help you and your team discover the secrets behind developing "True Trust".

What does an average performing team need to become exceptional? They need focus. They need vision. They need a leader. They need YOU. Bill helps you transition your team to become EXCEPTIONAL.

"Bill was engaging, enthusiastic & knowledgeable.  I enjoyed how he incorporated magic into the presentation, helping me remember his message."  Megan Hanselman, Leasing Consultant, Tri City Rentals, Rochester, NY

“I was very impressed how you geared your program toward our organization.  Your great communication skills engaged and held the attention of all our attendees.  Well done!” Michele Zilgme, New York State Tax Receivers Conference, Albany, NY

Imagine how beneficial it would be to your organization if your team member's personal ambitions became aligned with the organization’s needs. It's all part of the "global vision" Bill helps you see and understand.

"Thank you for an excellent presentation at our annual company meeting. Employees said it was the best safety meeting ever! Thank you again for making our meeting a huge success." Tom Leyden, VP, Babcock Enterprises, Dansville, NY

"Several attendees mentioned what a fabulous job you did! One in particular, a former Disney Intern, said ... "on par with Disney Training". That's high praise. Thanks!" Mark McCabe, Director of Sales, DoubleTree Hotel, Rochester, NY

"Bill was extremely positive and entertaining.  He kept my attention the entire presentation (Which is hard to do!)."  Megan Hanselman, Leasing Consultant, Tri City Rentals, Rochester, NY

"I can’t say THANK YOU enough for your presentation that our hotel property participated in yesterday afternoon. It was absolutely phenomenal." Nancy Sweazy, Director of Sales, Hampton Inn North, Rochester, NY


Get on board the MOTIVATIONAL VISION experience and watch your organization become EXTRAORDINARY!

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Pease complete this information to assist Bill in preparing for his presentation with your organization. His office should receive this information a minimum of four weeks prior to the meeting date. After Bill's review, his office will schedule a tele-conference meeting to discuss it further with the conference team. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

  • Name of Person completing this form:
    • Phone Number:
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  • Theme of this event
  • Identify company(s)/organizations in attendance:
  • Audience: [ ] Local [ ] Regional [ ] U.S. Based [ ] Internationall
  • Provide a general work related description of the make-up of the audience.
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  • Approximate number of attendes within the age ranges:
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  • Will spouses/life partners be in attendance? Yes / No
  • Identify CEO/President/VIP's in attendance.
  • What is your organization's mission statement or company philosophy?
  • What is your organization's vision statement
  • What is the primary business function of this group?
  • Why has this group assembled at this location at this time?
  • Identify accomplishment(s) the group has recently achieved:
  • What are the professional challenges facing the individuals in the audience?
  • What are the significant challenges currently being faced by your industry?
  • Describe the most significant changes this group has experienced during the last twelve months.
  • Provide the specific objectives you desire from my presentation.
  • What is the thrust or message you would like to convey to the group?
  • Identify any sensitive issues you wish Bill Gormont’s presentation to avoid:
  • When Bill Gormont leaves your special event, you will feel he has achieved your goal if he has . . .
  • Identify other speakers presenting at this event:
  • What takes place immediately before and after my program (break, meal, breakout session, another speaker)?
    • Before:
    • After:
  • Name of person introducing Bill:
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  • Identify a web site I may visit for further reference work:
  • Identify the individual from your organization who can schedule your committee staff for the teleconference review.
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  • Identify any other items of interest you feel may be appropriate to share that could help make this a meaningful event.

This document is also available in PDF format for ease of download and printing. If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can use this link to download it now for free.

Pre-Program Questionnaire

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