Strategically Position Your Organization or Service Club for “The Shift” to Create an Exciting Vision of the Future (KEYNOTE / BREAKOUT PRESENTATION)

Do you dream of your organization or service club being known as the premier action group in your community? Would you like to retain and attract more members? You can achieve all this and more when you discover the value and importance of Bill Gormontan effective Strategic Plan. These concepts have helped many groups grow their membership and become a sought after leader in their community.

This program is the beginning of an attitude mind-shift and procedural adjustment that will allow you to transform the results of your efforts from average to EXTRAORDINARY.

You’ll discover how a well designed strategic plan can allow more productive use of your budget dollars, member’s skills and community resources to make a positive difference locally and internationally.

Bill’s corporate and service organization life experiences have created the framework of a successful plan for organizational change. His message exposes proven techniques to help you increase the effectiveness within your local, regional, state and national organizations.

Bill brings his successful organizational skills & magical entertainment to center stage, as he presents Strategically Position your Organization or Service Club for “The Shift” to Create an Exciting Vision of the Future. This program is perfect for action oriented groups at all levels.


Get on board the MOTIVATIONAL VISION experience and watch your organization become EXTRAORDINARY!


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