Become a VP of Customer Service Relationships and Watch Your Customer Service Become “Extraordinary”! (TRAINING PRESENTATION)

Training Customer Service Professionals

This interactive training experience is designed to help every member of your staff become a VP of Customer Service Relationships.  They learn how to truly “delight” the customer during their face-to-face and telephone interactions.  In this new role, they don’t blindly “Do It”, they decide to “OWN IT”!  It’s an attitude mind-shift allowing them to create and actually deliver an exceptional  experience with every customer that extends far beyond simply “just getting the job done”.  It transforms the average customer interface into an experience that becomes EXTRAORDINARY.

This is a tremendous opportunity for those individuals on your team who interface in any manner with your customers, vendor suppliers as well as intra/inter-departmental coworkers. This training defines a customer as external (client/visitor) AND internal (co-workers/teams).

The barriers to effective customer service are exposed and your team learns how to recover when the service experience becomes challenging.  Your organization gets a customer service relationship make-over as everyone interactively explores in-depth the critical areas of attitude, behavior, communications, personality, teamwork and that all-important FUN FACTOR. 

The Become a VP of Customer Service Relationships program is available as a stand-alone Keynote or an incredibly effective half-day Keynote/Workshop combination.

The following is one of many feedback collections from participants at a recent Customer Service program.  For additional attendee comments from Bill’s Customer Service and other programs, please follow this link to the Client Feedback page.


Get on board the MOTIVATIONAL VISION experience and watch your organization become EXTRAORDINARY!


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