Welcome to the “New Normal”.  Don’t just deal with it … Change It! (KEYNOTE / BREAKOUT PRESENTATION)

Have you ever heard someone say “It’ll be a lot better when things get back to normal?”  The truth is, today is the new normal.  The methods that were successful yesterday aren’t working today and may not provide the results thatInspiring Action with Passion! you’ll need tomorrow.  Why?  Because our world is changing and “Shift Happens!”

Bill’s powerful program deals with this “Shift” by addressing the attitudes, thinking and actions necessary to help develop the personal values and inspirational leadership needed for today in life and in business.  You’ll learn how to …

  • Develop “TRUE TRUST”
  • Inspire a “SHARED VISION”
  • Bring “PASSION” back into focus
  • Build a rock-solid base of “POSSIBILITY THINKING”

After delivering a recent program, Bill received a “Thank You” comment from a participant who said, “Not only was your program beneficial to our organization, but it provided me with inspiring knowledge and information allowing me to better help my family deal with the emotional transition of my father’s Alzheimer’s health situation.  This is a ‘New Normal’ for us.  My family and I thank you so very much!”   This program has far reaching effects not only to companies and organizations themselves, but also to those individuals dealing with situations outside of work.  It’s a win-win for the organization and the people!

When you blend this session content with Bill’s extensive leadership background, business knowledge, life experience and his artistic skills as a Master Magician, you have the perfect formula to stop just dealing with the New Normal and begin changing it.  You can do it, and Bill shows you how!

NOTE: This keynote address is available as a half-day workshop, designed to provide your team with specific application of these tools to address your organization’s immediate needs.


Get on board the MOTIVATIONAL VISION experience and watch your organization become EXTRAORDINARY!


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